Wisdom is just a conversation away

It’s incredible what you can glean from a simple conversation. I was fortunate to have one such conversation a few minutes ago.

My friend/brother/explorer of the cosmos Brodie and I were having a simple check in. We are definitely new people after our Ayahuasca retreat where we all gained and lost so much, both physically and spiritually. This was a lesson being put into practice.

I was sharing about a situation in which a coworker was wanting me to join in on their stress. Then Brodie told me something I have heard a million times, but coming from him came with so much wisdom, that I could not help but be floored by it.

“Misery loves company”. We all know it. But do we really know it?

He was right. My coworker wanted to drag me down to their level. But after what I experienced in Peru I couldn’t. I refused.

After Brodie shared what I needed to hear, I couldn’t help but dub him Brodiecious (in the style of the 4th century philospher Confucius) and put his advice in that vernacular.

“Stress wants stress. But Calm can exist on it’s own” – Brodiecious

You have a choice. Personally I will choose the latter.





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