Opting Out: The Illusion of Safety

safety (noun) safe·​ty | \ ˈsāf-tē :  the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss

Safety. What is safety?

Is safety what you truly want? I know it sounds like what you truly want. Society will have you believe that it is the right answer.

Get a 401k.

Put some money away.

Between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday is when all the greatest work is done.

Defer that trip you have always wanted to take. When you are finally retired you will have tons of energy to do those things.

Take a vacation… But not too long. Two weeks should be enough. But hurry back, this machine needs to run.

Have some fun. But let’s keep it in the lines.

Safety. What is safety?

Safety is predictability. Safety is not a challenge.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying be reckless. There is a difference. You should still be smart and plan. You should defend and protect yourself and your loved ones from those who will do you harm.

What I am talking about is that same instinct that kept us alive millions of years ago is now holding you back.

We are no longer running from the Sabre Tooth Tiger. We are running from what those closest to us will think about us. So how do we protect ourselves, safety. Comfort.

Safety. What is safety?

Safety is opting out. In the S&M lifestyle they have “safe words”. Now I don’t subscribe to that particular lifestyle, but hey you do you.  You see it serves as a great example. When things get too much you can say a certain word and you are out. When you can no longer handle whatever is going on, safe word gets you out.

Do you have a “safe word” for your life? If not a word an action?

Job stressing you out? Youtube it is. Romantic life not what you want? Porn it is. Not feeling fulfilled? Snapchat it is.

The distractions are there. Just waiting for you to surrender.

If you are no longer running from that Sabre Tooth Tiger, then what are you running from?

What is your “safe word”? How do you “Opt Out”?

The sooner you can figure that out the sooner you have a chance to course correct.

No pressure. But we are all ready for your greatness, but it’s up to you to opt in.




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