Sales-en-freude – Back from the dead! (For the moment)


I reached out to BootSlice a few days ago. Bootslice is an app making waves in the social media scene. So of course I’m thinking how exposing them to 100K fans at a NASCAR track will be a great value.

So I do my usual email outreach that I learned from Breakthrough Email. I emailed 4 people in the company that I think can steer me in the right direction. Within an hour (incredibly fast and rare) I hear back from their Partnerships manager Charles.

Charles was very nice and asked for some more details about the NASCAR partnership. So I followed up with an exciting “Hey this is what we can offer. LETS DO THIS!!!” Maybe I came on a little strong. One of those emails you send and immediately regret. Oops. A few minutes later I heard back. They aren’t interested. No biggie. Most people aren’t, that’s the nature of our sport.

So I move Bootslice out of the sales funnel. Onto the next!

Well a few days later I heard back from the President of the company, Eric. Eric says (I’ll paraphrase) “Jon, you can take the other people off your list. I am your contact here at BootSlice. What were you thinking?”

Just like Jon Snow laying in the yard at Castle Black, I have been resurrected! So I have an opportunity with someone even more senior. Will I win the battle of the Bastards? Will I be struck down? Will I survive the series? Only time will tell.

This post took a weird turn into a Game Of Thrones blog. I love it.

Takeaway: If you think you’re dead in the water, there is always a chance. Don’t ever rule yourself out. ALWAYS contact multiple people, especially high level executives. I can’t tell you how much more a CEO is likely to open my email than a mid level employee. Hedge your bets, try them all.


Grind on,


*All company names and employee names have been changed*

**Bootslice sounds incredible someone invent that app**

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