Adventures in Connecting #2 – Sales-enfreude


I’m renaming these sales posts “Sales-enfreude”. Which is a new term I just cleverly invented. 
sales·en·freu·de – delighting in watching someone get their teeth kicked in trying to sell. 

I’m definitely learning that getting comfortable with hearing no, is step #1 to success.

Like my man Gary Vaynerchuk says

So I grind on. I enjoy the process so much. 

So today I spoke with Socketherbs, more specifically the CMO of Socketherbs. His name is Clive. To date I got the best no yet from Clive. I emailed him at 8:06 pm and got a response 10 minutes later.

“No thank you. Sent from IPhone”. My man was straight to the point and did not mince words. I love it and really appreciated it. We won’t waste anymore of each other’s time. Good man. 

Thank you Clive.

Takeaway: Fail fast and fail often. If you do the quicker you can move onto the next lead.

Grind on,


*Names of companies and individuals have been changed. Did you really think there is a company called “Socketherbs”?*

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