Adventures in Connecting!

Hello hello,

So as some of you might know I am working on two very exciting projects in addition to my awesome t-shirt company 2 Sleeve Tees.

I am working with the great Andy Lally on gathering race sponsorship, mainly NASCAR, for his soon to be domination in the sport.

I’m also working with the great Eric Von Haessler on gathering sponsorship for his talk show “The Daily Doctrine” on WSB radio here in Atlanta.

Both are super exciting and I am really enjoying the process. So I have decided to document this. The good, the bad, the ugly. Alot of ugly. You see anyone who has ever done sales knows “NO” is the default answer. So I will be deploying all my techniques to at least get a conversation going. I am contacting the big fish, CEO’s and other C- Levels executives. Hard to reach folks, but that’s what makes it fun. 🙂

I will be posting fairly often. I will be changing the names to protect the innocent, I’ll also change the company names using this incredible start up name generator

It’s so funny because newer company names are hilariously absurd.

I’ll also try to tie in some sort of takeaway in each post. Because if we are not learning what are we doing!

So if you are in sales, or know someone in sales I think you’ll enjoy this. So please pass it on.

Bring on the grind,


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