So much good can come from connecting (A True story)

As everyone was on the mat practicing their technique for the Women’s Self Defense Seminar I knew we were onto something big. An actor and BJJ black belt were doing something they were both passionate about and possibly saving some lives in the process.  I couldn’t believe from a simple tweet this was born.

Today I want to share a personal story about the power of connection. I love Twitter, it’s an amazing tool for connection. As far as Social Media goes it’s my favorite. Recently I was able to connect two people that formed a great friendship and continue to work together. You see for someone like me, this is an insanely satisfying and exciting circumstance. It satisfies many of my keys to happiness. Connection, friendship, mutual benefit, the list goes on.

So how do you connect actor Gilles Marini, whom I never had met before, with my friend BJJ black belt Sam Joseph? Let’s dive in.

It all started on Twitter. I follow Gilles on Twitter due to his training BJJ ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and wearing clothes from a company I am a fan of, Roots Of Fight. I noticed a tweet one day in which he spoke about practicing his lines in Atlanta for the show Devious Maids. I thought “Well damn I’m sure he wants to train some BJJ, my buddy Sam has a gym, I should connect those two!”. That’s exactly what I did.

The following is the exchange:


Gilles wasted no time in getting to Sam’s gym and they instantly hit it off. “What was in it for me?” you might ask. Nothing. Sam is a great guy whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for and want to see succeed. So any part I can play in that is good for me. But it’s not totally out of the ballpark for me to want this.

You see Sam took a chance on my company 2 Sleeve Tees when were first starting out. He was opening his gym and asked if we would do his academy shirts. This changed the entire trajectory of our company and we haven’t looked back since. That nice gesture created gratefulness in me and in I felt reciprocity, (great word by the way, you should use it and impress your friends). So in turn this has created a perfect storm of us wanting to help each other reach success in any way we can.

I recently read a book called the “Go Giver” by Bob Burg and Joh David Mann. They go deep into why giving is far more rewarding than gaining. Sounds crazy right? Well it’s not. When was last time you did something nice for someone, something with no strings attached, just nice. Didn’t it feel great? Which is awesomely funny because you doing something nice for someone comes back to you tenfold!

So go out there today, hold a door for someone, pick up a strangers tab or refer some friends that could possibly help each other. It will feel incredible I guarantee it!

How have you connected someone? How did it go? Message me and let me know. I would love to hear.



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