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Hey All!

So it’s been a few weeks since I posted. But I have good reason!

I started another blog as a creative outlet. It is called Tiny Tall Tales.

They are stories in 100 words or less. To get the full details on how it works check out this post.

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Thanks for your time. Let’s make some art.


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Wisdom is just a conversation away

It’s incredible what you can glean from a simple conversation. I was fortunate to have one such conversation a few minutes ago.

My friend/brother/explorer of the cosmos Brodie and I were having a simple check in. We are definitely new people after our Ayahuasca retreat where we all gained and lost so much, both physically and spiritually. This was a lesson being put into practice.

I was sharing about a situation in which a coworker was wanting me to join in on their stress. Then Brodie told me something I have heard a million times, but coming from him came with so much wisdom, that I could not help but be floored by it.

“Misery loves company”. We all know it. But do we really know it?

He was right. My coworker wanted to drag me down to their level. But after what I experienced in Peru I couldn’t. I refused.

After Brodie shared what I needed to hear, I couldn’t help but dub him Brodiecious (in the style of the 4th century philospher Confucius) and put his advice in that vernacular.

“Stress wants stress. But Calm can exist on it’s own” – Brodiecious

You have a choice. Personally I will choose the latter.





Opting Out: The Illusion of Safety

safety (noun) safe·​ty | \ ˈsāf-tē :  the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss

Safety. What is safety?

Is safety what you truly want? I know it sounds like what you truly want. Society will have you believe that it is the right answer.

Get a 401k.

Put some money away.

Between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday is when all the greatest work is done.

Defer that trip you have always wanted to take. When you are finally retired you will have tons of energy to do those things.

Take a vacation… But not too long. Two weeks should be enough. But hurry back, this machine needs to run.

Have some fun. But let’s keep it in the lines.

Safety. What is safety?

Safety is predictability. Safety is not a challenge.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying be reckless. There is a difference. You should still be smart and plan. You should defend and protect yourself and your loved ones from those who will do you harm.

What I am talking about is that same instinct that kept us alive millions of years ago is now holding you back.

We are no longer running from the Sabre Tooth Tiger. We are running from what those closest to us will think about us. So how do we protect ourselves, safety. Comfort.

Safety. What is safety?

Safety is opting out. In the S&M lifestyle they have “safe words”. Now I don’t subscribe to that particular lifestyle, but hey you do you.  You see it serves as a great example. When things get too much you can say a certain word and you are out. When you can no longer handle whatever is going on, safe word gets you out.

Do you have a “safe word” for your life? If not a word an action?

Job stressing you out? Youtube it is. Romantic life not what you want? Porn it is. Not feeling fulfilled? Snapchat it is.

The distractions are there. Just waiting for you to surrender.

If you are no longer running from that Sabre Tooth Tiger, then what are you running from?

What is your “safe word”? How do you “Opt Out”?

The sooner you can figure that out the sooner you have a chance to course correct.

No pressure. But we are all ready for your greatness, but it’s up to you to opt in.




Mission Integration: Car wreck Edition

“It’s not always about what you’ve gained. Sometimes it’s about what you’ve lost.”

– Selva Lawler

If you would have told me one of those profound things I have ever heard would come from a 17 year old, I would have laughed you out of the room. Boy was I wrong. The ego strikes again!

Upon first reading of Selva’s quote you might think it’s focusing on losses in a material sense. Out of context I could see that. But what she meant was, shedding dead weight is just as powerful as gaining new wisdom.

The integration into the world was a big subject and concern in “La Familia” (my new Spiritquest family) after our plant ceremonies. “The lessons will keep coming” said Parker Sherry, our Spiritual Sherpa and Spiritquest retreat facilitator.

Boy he was right. Today on my way home I came crashing back into the real world, literally. I was in a car accident. I ran into the back of an SUV. In that moment I was flooded with anxiety and fear. “What is wrong with me?”, “I fucked up. I bet I am going to get arrested.”, “This poor unsuspecting woman and her dog probably hate me for ruining their day” are all thoughts that came into my brain.

These negative thoughts began to run the show, so much so that my hands were shaking in anticipation of this new pile of shit I had created for myself. I sat in my car feeling so much guilt and embarrassment while the police officer filled out the paperwork. I even felt a tinge of “Why me?”, why do I have to make everything so fucking difficult with my stupid actions.

Then the officer walked over to me and said “ Alright Mr. Fisher here is your license and info back. The sheet of paper has information for the police report. I’m glad everybody is ok and I hope the rest of your day goes well.”

No handcuffs. No public shaming. Nothing but paperwork we will need to get our cars fixed. After speaking more to the young woman involved in the wreck, she thanked me for coming and apologizing and wished me a good day.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that I could hear Grandmother Ayahuasca remind me of the lessons I learned in the Jungle. Unfortunately my head can be thick at times and it takes several lessons before a point gets driven home. I then felt this overwhelming sense of calm. I started smiling ear to ear and looked at the beautiful sun setting.

I was ok. She was ok. We are ok.

The cars will get fixed.

Maybe the other driver will get mad at me and sue me. Ok.

My insurance will certainly go up. Ok.

I now have to drive home and maybe people will stare and laugh at my dented up car. Ok.

During that car ride home I realized what Selva said was so true. One thing I lost was doubt. Doubt that I could not dig myself out of a spiral of negative thoughts. Doubt that things will not work out.

Things will work out, maybe not exactly as you plan, but they’ll work out. Because they always do.

Then as if all that wasn’t a lesson enough on my ride home I was listening to Aubrey Marcus’ podcast #168 where Aubrey and friends recount a recent Spiritquest retreat. But also the episode covers the lessons learned after Aubrey got into a Gnarly Car Wreck ! A car wreck! Are you shitting me Universe?!?!

Ok ok ok I am listening.

Today fear and anxiety put up a hell of a fight. But in the end love and a big smile won. Just like they always will.

The next time your brain goes to the worse case scenario remember this quote.

“I have known a great many troubles. But most of them never happened” –  Mark Twain




The Huachuma Mesada: A microcosm of life

While standing around the Mesada it all became exceedingly clear. Life/Death. War/Peace. Deep reflection/joyous laughter. Animals/Humans. Instruments to make beautiful music and altars to connect worlds. Friends/Family and unbreakable bonds. Love/Hate. Anger/Joy.

Ancient artifacts carrying the weight of a thousand ceremonies and a daughters love for her Father on a bracelet.

All aspects of life on display, with Don Howard sitting and just enjoying the view.

You need not fear death my child. Because without it life would lose its luster. Cherish this life, it truly is a gift. Then welcome death. Because it is not the end, but merely the transition.

Sales-en-freude – Back from the dead! (For the moment)


I reached out to BootSlice a few days ago. Bootslice is an app making waves in the social media scene. So of course I’m thinking how exposing them to 100K fans at a NASCAR track will be a great value.

So I do my usual email outreach that I learned from Breakthrough Email. I emailed 4 people in the company that I think can steer me in the right direction. Within an hour (incredibly fast and rare) I hear back from their Partnerships manager Charles.

Charles was very nice and asked for some more details about the NASCAR partnership. So I followed up with an exciting “Hey this is what we can offer. LETS DO THIS!!!” Maybe I came on a little strong. One of those emails you send and immediately regret. Oops. A few minutes later I heard back. They aren’t interested. No biggie. Most people aren’t, that’s the nature of our sport.

So I move Bootslice out of the sales funnel. Onto the next!

Well a few days later I heard back from the President of the company, Eric. Eric says (I’ll paraphrase) “Jon, you can take the other people off your list. I am your contact here at BootSlice. What were you thinking?”

Just like Jon Snow laying in the yard at Castle Black, I have been resurrected! So I have an opportunity with someone even more senior. Will I win the battle of the Bastards? Will I be struck down? Will I survive the series? Only time will tell.

This post took a weird turn into a Game Of Thrones blog. I love it.

Takeaway: If you think you’re dead in the water, there is always a chance. Don’t ever rule yourself out. ALWAYS contact multiple people, especially high level executives. I can’t tell you how much more a CEO is likely to open my email than a mid level employee. Hedge your bets, try them all.


Grind on,


*All company names and employee names have been changed*

**Bootslice sounds incredible someone invent that app**

Adventures in Connecting #2 – Sales-enfreude


I’m renaming these sales posts “Sales-enfreude”. Which is a new term I just cleverly invented. 
sales·en·freu·de – delighting in watching someone get their teeth kicked in trying to sell. 

I’m definitely learning that getting comfortable with hearing no, is step #1 to success.

Like my man Gary Vaynerchuk says

So I grind on. I enjoy the process so much. 

So today I spoke with Socketherbs, more specifically the CMO of Socketherbs. His name is Clive. To date I got the best no yet from Clive. I emailed him at 8:06 pm and got a response 10 minutes later.

“No thank you. Sent from IPhone”. My man was straight to the point and did not mince words. I love it and really appreciated it. We won’t waste anymore of each other’s time. Good man. 

Thank you Clive.

Takeaway: Fail fast and fail often. If you do the quicker you can move onto the next lead.

Grind on,


*Names of companies and individuals have been changed. Did you really think there is a company called “Socketherbs”?*

Adventures in Connecting #1


Hello again,
So this is my first official post on my sales/connecting journey. In case your new to this. I’m going to chronicle the ups and downs of a regular guy, trying to raise a large amount of sponsorship for a couple of great projects. In both NASCAR  and podcasting.

So today was pretty good. I reached out to some companies in my sales funnel. Ones that I had reached out to before, but have yet to get a response.

These are companies of which I’m nearing the end of my sales process. Time to cut my losses right?

Today was Asteria. They are in logistics. They’ve been around awhile and would be a great fit for NASCAR. But I believe they have a bad taste in their mouth from previous experiences. So that’s working against me.

I reached out to 4 people in the organizations as I always do and was referred to Joel. Through many attempts, 5 to be exact, I finally got a hold of him. He was nice, very straight to the point. So you can guess how this ended…No. 

But as we all know, if you go through enough no’s you’ll find a yes. So I’ll keep on truckin’. See what I did there. 🙂

Takeaway: No matter how great your product or service, you can’t change the past. Their experiences are their experiences. Good or bad. So you gotta roll with the punches. Possibly get a conversation going and discover any pains. Whether they work with you or not you have data. Don’t get knocked down for nothing. Get something out of it, you’ll be stronger for it. I know I’ll be. 

Keep grindin,


*All names both company and personal have been changed*

Adventures in Connecting!

Hello hello,

So as some of you might know I am working on two very exciting projects in addition to my awesome t-shirt company 2 Sleeve Tees.

I am working with the great Andy Lally on gathering race sponsorship, mainly NASCAR, for his soon to be domination in the sport.

I’m also working with the great Eric Von Haessler on gathering sponsorship for his talk show “The Daily Doctrine” on WSB radio here in Atlanta.

Both are super exciting and I am really enjoying the process. So I have decided to document this. The good, the bad, the ugly. Alot of ugly. You see anyone who has ever done sales knows “NO” is the default answer. So I will be deploying all my techniques to at least get a conversation going. I am contacting the big fish, CEO’s and other C- Levels executives. Hard to reach folks, but that’s what makes it fun. 🙂

I will be posting fairly often. I will be changing the names to protect the innocent, I’ll also change the company names using this incredible start up name generator


It’s so funny because newer company names are hilariously absurd.

I’ll also try to tie in some sort of takeaway in each post. Because if we are not learning what are we doing!

So if you are in sales, or know someone in sales I think you’ll enjoy this. So please pass it on.

Bring on the grind,